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Customer Testimonials

                                                       Wall of fame. To Us you mean Everything, Thank You for your Continued Support!! Raphael

At Raphaels, we will only give you our best, we spare no expense for you, we work at our best to bring you the best, because without you we would not exist, we appreciate your business and in return will ensure your joy and happiness every time you order your Birthday cake or any other cake from us.

For the very Finest quality and Ingredients you would expect from any Baker, we continue to maintain our Integrity, to ensure that you get the Best from Raphaels.

Delicious homemade goodness

Luv Cakes, Luv Raphael SA's Cakeboss

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 Raphael, SA's Cakeboss and The Cake Factory Retail Stores.... For Freshness and Quality.

Welcome to Raphael SA's Cakeboss...Try our Delicious Treats...Lebanese Pies, Crunchies, Scones, Shortbread Biscuits...They So Good You will need loads more!